Network Monitoring & Management Software

The most user friendly network monitoring and management system on the market.

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You have all the features required to do monitoring and management of your entire IT infrastructure.


The software is build with the idea of 24/7 workflow with no interrupts. It is extremely reliable and all the monitroing charts are always ready for you.


Adding a new device or a new sensor is done in just one or two steps. Configuring a working system is super fast and easy.

Monitoring made simple 

Userfriendly web interface with all the information you need to view on a single dashboard.


Lots of interactive charts for every sensor and device.


There are logs for all collected data.


Email, SNMP traps or SMS alarms.


You can do predefined management actions for each device/application you are monitoring.

A few things we’re doing well

We are good at building simple software for intelligent people.

SNMP Monitoring

With the wide variaty of SNMP sensors and actions you can monitor and manage any network device that is currently on the market.  There are no restrictions for manufacturer or device type. 

Monitoring Appications or Services

The portfolio of sensors for application and service monitoring is constantly growing. Ensuring that every service or application you use is working properly.

Server Monitoring

Monitor your windows and linux servers through wide variaty of sensors. For example: memory, disk space, CPU usage and more…

Databases Monitoring

Check your database availability and health.

Monitoring Websites

With the various HTTP sensors you can detect any flows in your web sites or web services you are supplying.

Bandwidth Monitoring

It is easy to track and check bandwidth usage in your network. Using bandwidth sensors to read the traffic data from your routers. 


Who did it ?

The most important thing when selecting a solution is knowing who is behind it.

MSc Todor Manev

Software Developer

MSc Nikolay Atanasov

Software Developer

MSc Elena Yakimova

Software Developer

MSc Stanko Stankov

Software Developer

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